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Eye Lash Treatments

LATISSE®: Fuller, Thicker Eyelashes

LATISSE® is an FDA-approved solution for creating longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. Whether you are experiencing hypotrichosis (the loss or reduction of hair growth) or have bad habits that have thinned your lashes over time (pulling on your lashes, rubbing your eyes, sleeping in mascara, etc.) LATISSE may be a great solution for you.


LATISSE is applied each night to the base of your upper eyelashes after removing contact lenses and cleansing the area. The medication is not applied to the lower lashes; it gradually spreads to lashes as you blink. It may take up to 16 weeks to get the desired result, though some patients experience longer lashes in just 4 weeks. The product must be continued to maintain results.

Side Effects of LATISSE

Because LATISSE is an ophthalmic solution, it will not damage your eyesight if the solution gets into your eyes. Side effects can include redness, itching and watery eyes. The solution must be applied carefully; touching the applicator to other areas may result in unwanted hair growth. Another possible side effect of LATISSE is a possible permanent discoloration of the iris of the eye to a brown color.

Any product or solution that you use on or near your eyes should only be used with guidance from an experienced eye doctor to reduce your risks of side effects and help you achieve the results you desire. To find out if your eyelashes might be a good match for this treatment, contact us at (847) 459-6060 (Buffalo Grove office) or (847) 382-4116 (Barrington office).

Abnormal Eyelashes

Your eyelashes serve an important function: to protect your eyes from foreign substances. When you have any type of eyelash abnormality, you may experience eye discomfort, pain or even damage to your eyes.

Reasons for Abnormal Eyelashes

  • Eyelashes that curve inward (trichiasis)
  • Inward-turned eyelid (entropion)
  • Infection
  • Inflammation of the oil glands (blepharitis)
  • Trauma
  • Excessive lash growth (trichomegaly)
  • Extra layer of eyelashes (distichiasis)

Treatment for Abnormal Eyelashes

Some eyelash problems may correct themselves; you may also be able to easily remove a wayward eyelash. However, more serious conditions that are affecting your vision or causing discomfort may require electrolysis treatment or eyelid surgery. The only way to know what treatment will be right for you is to schedule an eye exam with us.

If you are experiencing discomfort due to an eyelash problem in Illinois, contact our office today to schedule an eye exam.